It's BAAAAACK. What are you bringing?

So the count is down to just over two months. In addition to lowering and putting new tires on the IROC Z, I still have a ton of work to do to my 98 Chevy extended cab, (including some cool Scott Sullivan graphics). Work on the book continues and we will have advance purchase of the forthcoming book, Sensory Overload, available next week. Without a doubt, there will be more than a few all-night cram sessions to get it all done in time but hey, that's part of the fun right? So what are you cranking on to bring? I spoke with Matthew Louck and Ron Carlson of Family Events yesterday and registrations are still looking good. I have heard hotels are going fast in the area, but contrary to a number of rumors, there is NO cap on registrations. If you bring them, you can register them. However, if you are planning on attending, PLEASE go to www.streetmachinenationals.net and register today. Let's send the good folks at Family Events the message that we appreciate them for bringing it back and will support the show we begged them for!
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